Art Exhibit – Friday November 4

Maxine Teresa Shupis Sánchez  inaugurate her Art Exhibit in Madrid, at the cloisters of Nuestra Señora de Valverde church (same as Santa Maria la Blanca de Montecarmelo where there’s an evening English mass every first Saturday of the month).

Exhibiting with other Fine Arts friends: Palmira Garcia Monteagudo and Mercedes Torres Perez.

The inauguration is at 6:30pm on November 4 2011.  The best way to park is to access through Montecarmelo.  From the Carretera de Colmenar, you would need to change direction back towards Madrid and get on a via de servicio.  Welcome all.

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Maxine Shupis Sánchez

November 2 2011 I created this blog to share with you.  I look forward to hear from you.  Be patient I am just getting started.

Welcome to my world of art.

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